6 Makeup Products to Bring to the Gym

For beauty fanatics that also love to work out, it may be challenging to go to the gym completely bare-faced. Wearing as little makeup as possible (or none at all) is great for skin, but every once in awhile a little pick-me-up may be needed, even at the gym. The trick is finding the right products with the right formulas so they don’t smudge or run when it’s time to turn up the heat. Here are six products that will enhance natural beauty without creating a “done-up” look.

1. Waterproof Mascara
On the eyes, definition is most important. To achieve definition, curl lashes with a lash curler, and then apply a waterproof mascara from the base of lashes to the tip. The application doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure to apply an even amount on each eye and try to avoid clumping. One of the best waterproof mascaras is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof Mascara, ($7), which can be found at Ulta or on Amazon.

For light-colored eyelashes, applying mascara is especially important because without noticeable lashes, eyes can appear smaller and less defined. For those blessed with naturally dark and lush lashes, mascara isn’t necessary.

Drugstore alternative: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara, $7

2. Brow Color
For eyebrows, there are two options. For light brows that need to be filled in, or completely drawn on, opt for a waterproof brow color. Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color, ($21), comes in light and medium to match any hair color. Unlike a pencil, this product won’t run or smudge. But if you have darker brows, keep reading.

Drugstore alternative: Cameo Perfect Brow, $7

3. Brow Gel
On the other hand, if you have thick, unruly brows, use a clear brow gel. Sephora released a Transparent Brow Gel, ($12), that is waterproof for maximum staying power. Just run a coat through the brows to smooth the natural shape.

Drugstore alternative: Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel, $5.50

4. Mattifying Mineral Foundation
When you’re at the gym, skin is an extremely important part of a workout. The body’s natural cooling systems open pores for sweat. So caking on a layer of heavy foundation and concealer will only clog pores. A light moisturizer is ideal. Those not comfortable with going au naturale, can apply a mattifying mineral foundation all over the face. BareMinerals’ Matte Mineral Foundation SPF 15, ($27), will provide coverage without clogging pores because it is free of oil, wax and chemicals that can cause breakouts. Also, its mattifying formula can help combat oil buildup from the gym.

Drugstore alternative: Maybelline Mineral Power, $8

5. Waterproof Bronzer
For greater coverage, apply a bronzer on the temples and the hollows of the cheekbones. Tarte’s Matte Waterproof Bronzer, ($29), works on any skintone, is waterproof and doesn’t contain sulfates or synthetic dyes. Blush isn’t necessary because working out will provide a natural rosy flush to the cheeks.

Drugstore alternative: Sally Hansen Waterproof Bronzing Powder, $10

6. Eye Makeup Remover
Makeup remover is essential for removing the difficult-to-wash waterproof products post workout. Try Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, ($9.50). It’s safe for sensitive eyes and skin.

Drugstore alternative: Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover, $6.50

The best part about waterproof and long-lasting products is that they are useful for many different occasions. Use this fresh-faced look on days with too little time to retouch makeup, when it’s raining, during the sticky summer months or for a night of dancing.

Now that you have the beauty secrets for hitting the gym, don’t forget a no-slip hair band, iPod, student ID and water bottle!

By: Flannery Underwood | Images: Listed retail stores

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  1. i am so shocked that two of the biggest things were left out: DRY SHAMPOO, (SO OBVIOUS) deodorant, and face wipes!!!!


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