Look for Less: Minimalism at its Best

No jewelry, no accessories, no nothing. As fun as it can be to pile on costume jewelry, sometimes the age-old adage “less is more” really is true. With fall and winter typically associated with neutral hues like gold, brown, grey and black, now is the perfect time to incorporate a minimalist aesthetic into your wardrobe. Welcome in basic sweaters, flat boots and simple silhouettes for a no-nonsense look that never goes out of style.

At the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2012 show, practicality overruled excess and frivolousness, proving that simplicity truly does triumph extravagance.

The Designer Look: Whether it’s a parade of oversized hats, a show marked by prints and patterns galore, or just his usual dose of quirkiness (cue in his bedazzled pilgrim shoes), Marc Jacobs knows how to keep both his namesake and diffusion line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, in tune with the current zeitgeist.

This week’s designer look for less is sophisticated, casual and completely attainable. (In fact, there’s a good chance that you may already own all of the items needed to achieve the look!) If you live in an area that gets chilly during this time of the year, then you are bound to have a grey sweater on hand. It doesn’t have to be cashmere or anything fancy, just make sure that it’s effortless and slightly loose. To continue the easy-going ensemble, pair your sweater with a full-bodied knee-length skirt. The type of print or pattern found on the skirt is very subjective -- anything from plaid and stripes, or even a solid color, are fair game. As for the shoes, black lace-up boots are your best bet. They’re utilitarian and will blend right in with your pared down look. Geek-chic is so in right now. A pair of black rimmed readers not only makes you look intelligent, but they’re also a super easy way to accessorize without trying too hard. Because, remember, less is more.

The Look for Less:
1. Thin Square-cut Collar Grey Sweater from Romwe, $41
2. Back in Session Skirt from ModCloth, $60
3. Risky Business Sunglasses from, $12
4. Crisscrossing Along Boot from ModCloth, $50

The Look for Less Total: $163

Style Tip: Dressing in a minimalist style doesn’t mean you have to leave all of your beloved prints and patterns behind. As long as you maintain a restrained color palette and practice moderation, there’s no reason you can’t don the occasional floral shift dress.

What’s your favorite runway collection this season? Leave a comment below and, who knows, maybe it’ll be incorporated into the next look for less!

By: Anjerika Wilmer | Images: Listed retail stores

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