9 Essentials for Finals Week

Finals week is the most stressful week of the semester. With several tests to prepare for, our main motto is to stay comfortable. Here are some of our essentials for finals week:

1. Lip balm

Keep your lips moisturized so you don't have to worry about your chapped lips. One of our favorites is eos lip balm ($6.95, Amazon) in summer fruit. 

2. A comfortable, over-sized sweater

A sweater is essential to keep warm, whether you're studying in the library or taking an exam in a lecture hall.  Something comfortable and in a neutral color will get you through your most daunting final!

3. Ear buds

Shut out the distractions of the world and listen to your favorite playlist with a pair of ear buds. The last thing you need is for the person studying two tables away in the library to distract you with his constant sniffling.

4. Coffee

How would we get through finals week without coffee?

5. Hair ties

Keep your hair out of your eyes and face while you're studying. These hair ties will also prevent you from twirling or playing with your hair too much. For hair ties that won't damage your hair, try Emi Jay hair ties ($10.99, Emi Jay).

6. Moccasin slippers

During finals week, a pair of moccasin slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm while you study. 

7. Cotton leggings

Leggings are all about comfort. The sleek look of black leggings will keep you more chic than pajama bottoms, but with all the comfort.

8. Dry shampoo

We get it - it's not that unusual to show up to an exam without showering that morning. For oily hair, you can always sprinkle in some dry shampoo ($2.88, Amazon). Just make sure to shower later.

9. Your favorite snack

Study snacks make getting through mountains of material just a little easier.

What are your essentials for finals week? Let us know!

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  1. I really wish the products were in bold, it's easier to find them that way.

  2. Seriously saving my life for finals this week!! Love, love, LOVE


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