Closet Must-Have: Classy Nude Heels

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if diamonds are the maid of honor, nude heels might be the bridesmaid asked to come dress shopping.

Nude heels are an essential piece in any girl’s closet because they go with not only neutral colored clothing, but also complement other shades like bold, patterned and any other color in the spectrum.

Nude heels should be as important to your closet as foundation is to your makeup routine. Like makeup, nude heels come in a variety of shades, ensuring there is a pair for everyone. They can be dressed up or dressed down, with either jeans and a white tee, colored skinny jeans and a top or a fancy cocktail dress.

They are a great option for vacations with limited suitcase space. Because of the versatility of the shoe, nude heels can go with almost every formal outfit, and in some cases, casual outfits as well. But they’ll definitely save space and free up room for more clothes!

Kate Middleton, one of the most recent style icons, is rarely seen in anything else but her LK Bennett patent heels. The nude color instantly adds length to legs, giving an elegant and slim appearance. When wearing a pair similar to your skin tone, a nude pump continues the line of your legs, which makes them look much longer than they would in say, ankle strap shoes, which emphasize separate segments.

Nude heels are such a popular choice because they are less severe than strappy or chunky heels, and are a great alternative to the black heel when it is too harsh for your color palette. They look especially feminine when paired with coral, mint and lavender, but look fierce and forward with red, purple and jewel tones. And they are always a great choice with neutrals like black, white, and even nude.

If the Duchess’s $325 nude pumps aren’t exactly in your budget, there are many other more feasible options:

You wouldn’t choose just anybody to be your bridesmaids -- only the most special women in your life get that honor. So don’t let just any shoes adorn your feet! Get a pair of nude heels, and see how they become the most special shoes in your closet.

By: Jordan Schuman | Images: 1, 2

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