5 Beauty New Year's Resolutions to Make

Now is the time of year when everyone and their mother, it seems, are making New Year's Resolutions. Here are some ideas of beauty-related resolutions you could make to revamp your daily routine!

1) Apply sunscreen every day.

If you only want to take one tip, this is the one I recommend the most. Sunscreen is really important to your skin, which I'm sure all of you are aware of by now. Try switching to a daily moisturizer with SPF already in it so you don't have to add an extra step. Or, if you really like your moisturizer, try switching to a tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF. It's not as effective, but still much more beneficial to your skin than not wearing any sunscreen at all.

2) Go bold with makeup. 

If you're a neutrals kind of gal (like me) bust out the red lipstick or blue liner every once in a while. Makeup should be fun, so play with your look every once in a while! One night when you're getting ready to go out, try something that you normally don't do in your evening routine. Or for daytime, mix up your look with a colored mascara for a pop without full on color.

3) Learn how to master something.

This one could go for other areas of life as well, but I'm talking beauty here! I personally want to master false lashes this year! Have trouble with liquid liner? Contouring? Hot rollers? Make a pact with yourself to learn something new to keep your look fresh and to encourage yourself to always try and learn new things!

4) Take your makeup off!

What? After resolutions 2 and 3 am I really telling you to take off all your hard work? Well, yes. Before bed each night, you really need to remove your makeup, whether you use face wash or a specific makeup remover (personally I prefer makeup wipes). This will help keep your skin clear and your base even for when it's time to slap your face on in the morning!

5) Take care of your nails.

I don't know about you guys, but I have been known to neglect my nails. Hangnails? I get them a lot. Chipped polish? Sometimes that's a more common look for me than fully manicured nails. Having kept nails can pull together your look and make you look like you spent hours getting ready, even if you woke up 10 minutes ago. Take some time to rub some cuticle oil into your skin, file your nails and paint them every once in a while. It will do wonders!

What are your new years resolutions?

By: Kelly Courington | Image: Weheartit

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  1. These are great new years beauty resolutions! Love them!

  2. These rock! I love that you didnt say 'do not wear as much make-up' women should be able to do what they want with make-up looks :)

  3. that really cool i've been trying to come up with some and now i might use yours !!!! soooo thanks .... mostly for the nail tip !!


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