Secrets of the Nail Industry from Suzi Weiss-Fichmann of OPI

It’s not everyday a nail polish addict gets the chance to dine with beauty industry royalty, so I was ecstatic when I was invited on behalf of College Gloss to Suzi Weiss-Fischmann’s Nicole Blogger Dinner! Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is the executive vice president & artistic director of OPI Products, and she is just as passionate, bubbly and inspiring in real life as one would expect her to be. Throughout the evening, Suzi shared with her guests incredible insights, advice and secrets of the nail art industry. One of the things that stuck out the most was Suzi’s love for her work. Suzi eagerly admitted that her ideal day can be easily summed up as “a massage in the morning and then off to work” because for Suzi every day in the office is another adventure in the wonderful world of nails. “I love what I do, I’m very passionate about it,” she said.

One thing is for sure ... Suzi’s hardwork and passion for her career is absolutely inspiring! Dying to know the secrets Suzi shared with College Gloss at the dinner? Keep reading to find out!

  • Glitter is going to be big for the holidays!
  • Shatter nail polish is dead.
  • Pastels are going to be big for spring.
  • Deep blues and bright yellows are going to be hot in 2013.
  • Red nail polish never goes out of style because it is “so Hollywood, so glamorous and so sexy” Suzi said.
  • When it comes to manicures in the office, there are no inappropriate colors; be creative, have fun and wear whatever you want!
  • OPI & Nicole by OPI’s success has been derived from three key elements: quality polishes, the ability to keep fashion-forward and great nail polish names!
  • Suzi’s manicure must-haves include: Axoplex Cuticle Oil, Drip Dry and Top Coat.
  • When it comes to select celebrities to collaborate with it is all about finding icons who identify with nails and who use nail art to express themselves ... think Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.
  • Suzi loved working with the Kardashians on their Nicole by OPI lines. She says Khloe was the sweetest person, and all the girls were really fun to work with. In true Kardashian style, there was some major drama when Khloe and Kourtney got first picks when it came to choosing their shades, but leave it to Kris to clear the air!

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is an incredible woman, and her work with OPI is absolutely amazing! Suzi has worked hard to build an empire that is synonymous with style, fashion and the best manicure on campus! Even after all of her years at OPI, Suzi manages to keep polishes fresh, exciting and innovative and says her favorite part of the job will always be “naming the shades.” After all, what would a bottle of nail polish be without a zany name that’s impossible not to love? When it comes to splurge-worthy new products to get pumped for in the future, Suzi says there will definitely be some thrilling new things to look out for from OPI in 2013!

A big thanks to Langton PR and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann for including College Gloss in the Nicole Blogger Dinner!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: 1, 2

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  1. Suzi is so inspiring....I love this is so amazing to get a closer look at the beauty industry leaders. WOW is all I can say.

  2. I find the note about those kardashians amusing....they all got nice kolors but of course they had a squable about it. I wish they aired this nail polish drama on TV!


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