4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Happy

So you’re a college girl who’s running the world like the countless others on campuses everywhere. In one day, you go to class and work, volunteer, attend meetings, study, socialize and then wake up the next day and do it all over again. For the multitasking queen, here are a few tips that are easy and effective to ensure a healthy mane without interrupting your amazingly busy lifestyle.

1. Don’t forget conditioner

Don’t forget to condition your hair, no matter how much of a rush you’re in! Conditioner is important because it keeps your hair strong and moisturized. Shampoo acts as an agent to cleanse your hair and scalp of natural grease and residue (small amounts of oil are necessary to your hair’s health). When you forget to condition, you leave your hair and scalp dry. Try showering at night when you have more time. Wash your hair when you first step into the shower. After rinsing, put in your conditioner and leave it in while you wash up and shave your legs. By the time you’re finished, your hair will be conditioned enough to ensure a healthy shine that will make your tresses glow.

2. Use fabric-covered ponytail holders

Grabbing the nearest rubber band from your desk and tying your hair up may seem convenient. That is, until you finally take it out and notice the ball of hair that comes out with it. The elastic from rubber bands, and other creative doodads you may find, will cut into your strands of hair and knot them. Instead, keep a fabric-covered elastic band in your purse for those times you need to pull it up to prevent you from pulling out your hair in more ways than one.

3. Beware of chemicals

All girls need a change every now and then. The ombre trend is a big hit among college girls everywhere. We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping those blond ends and brown roots healthy. Often, girls don’t consider hair dye as a chemical process like they do perms. Nonetheless, hair dye does change the pattern and makeup of the cuticles in the hair. So, remember to get that monthly trim and keep your hair conditioned (especially those ends).

4. Put your hair on a diet

Though pizza and chicken fingers are easy and convenient, they don’t do much for your hair. In September, Refinery 29 listed several healthy and yummy foods that are good for your tummy and your hair. Pecans and almonds prevent hair from shedding, and yogurt and fish prevent breakage. Make yourself a bag of trail mix to snack on throughout the day and say goodbye to the overload of strands in your bathroom sink every morning.

So, even if you don’t make it to the gym this week, don’t fret. At least your hair will be in tip-top shape if you try out these simple and healthy tricks.

By: Rikki Byrd | Image: Source

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