How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

“Johnson & Johnson researchers studied how women evaluate beauty and found out that they spent 60 percent of their time looking at the eye area,” according to the March 2012 issue of Glamour. It makes sense, as we make eye contact when we talk, glance at others or spot a cute classmate across the room.

Eyes that appear healthy sans redness or puffiness give the illusion of happiness and attractiveness, while tired eyes tell the world how late you stayed up last night. Make it a rule to never indirectly, with your eyes, tell your professor how late you stayed up pulling an all-nighter or nursing a hangover.

Similar to investing in your education by sacrificing a few hours of sleep to make it to class on time, think about eye care as another vital investment in your future. The eye area has the most sensitive, thinnest skin on your body, which is why it ages first. The significance of eye care is all about prevention: prevention of fine lines, dark circles and sagging. Although many of us already battle with dark circles and a few fine lines, forgetting to apply the appropriate product enhances those tiny flaws.

Think of applying eye cream as an art. Use the weakest digit, the ring finger, for application. Begin by taking a pea size amount of your preferred eye cream and distribute it from the inner corner (the tear-duct) around the eye. Be cautious not to sweep your finger across this area but to gently dab it. Do not worry about blending your eye cream like foundation or dispersing it on your eyelids. Placing eye cream on your lids will cause them to stretch over time, triggering droopiness.

When removing your makeup, do not make the mistake of ferociously tugging and rubbing your eyes. This process should be done gently, and the same advice is applicable when you cleanse your face. If for some reason you must rub your makeup to get it off, then perhaps you should avoid using that mascara, especially if it is waterproof! Waterproof mascara does not need to be applied on an everyday basis. Also, stop tugging or stretching your eyelids when applying eyeliner; this will, again, cause premature wrinkles. We cannot stress this enough! Eyeliner may make our eyes look sexy, but in the long run, the application will only make our eyes droopy.

Even the way we sleep affects the way our eyes look the next morning. Remember that gravity is to our disadvantage; it drags our bodies down with our skin. “If you sleep with your face mushed into the mattress, gravity makes fluid flow to the eye area,” says dermatologist Patricia K. Farris, M.D in an interview with Glamour. Once fluid is accumulated, it will make your eyes look extra puffy and red, which is why we recommend you sleep with your face facing the ceiling.

Another step in eye care to never forget is wearing sunglasses, even on rainy and windy days. Again, the more you strain your eyes, the more chance of premature wrinkles.

Natural remedies for tired eyes and dark circles include using tea bags to reduce the dark color. But those remedies are not as effective as getting enough sleep and, of course, applying eye cream day and night. Abstaining from applying eye cream will only make that skin thinner and more transparent, thus giving the illusion of darker circles and finer lines. These precautions are simple but many of us don’t follow them. Let this be a practical reminder of how to treat your eyes.

Your eyes say so much about you. We all eventually age, but that’s no reason to speed up the process.

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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  1. Haha iove this article. It tells you how it is.

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  3. This just enforced my eye routine! I had no idea that the skin under our eyes was the thinnest!!


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