Enjoy A Revamped Girls' Night In With A Makeup Party

With the chilliest winter months just around the corner, girls everywhere are searching for ways to curb their boredom while stuck inside. The answer is simple: revamp your girls' night in and host a makeup party.

Choose a beauty company to send out one of their representatives for the scheduled date and time of your party. For a seasoned makeup consultant, you may want to look into Mary Kay because it’s completely free! But, your guests may want to bring some money if they want to purchase from the sales representative.

Another great option is to enlist the help of a friend who dabbles in the art of makeup and would be interested in gaining some experience by hosting your makeup party.

While the makeup consultant may be the main event, you still have an entire evening to entertain your guests. Create an itinerary of the activities you have lined up for you and your gal pals before and after your beauty consultant is there. You don’t have to stick to the plan verbatim, but it will give you an outline of potential activities so there is never a dry moment. Some suggestions for activities include: manicures/pedicures, games (Uno is a party favorite or Twister is always a riot) and dinner.

Refreshments are an essential (always) task for any occasion. For this event, keep it simple; order pizza and make fruity drinks (try Daily’s Cocktails, delicious, pre-made drinks). Think less mess. You can find homemade drink recipes on the company’s website, too. If you aren’t of legal drinking age, virgin drinks or soda are appropriate alternatives. To make things a bit more festive, purchase plastic margarita glasses from Party City.

One less boring, cold night to mark off your calendar. Not to mention all the compliments you’ll receive on your new makeup.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Image: Source

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