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DIY is no longer your grandmother’s favorite past time. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr have made it okay and even cool for college girls everywhere to run to their nearest Michaels for studs, rip up their least favorite pair of jeans or create fun arts and crafts projects (like this one featured on College Gloss). But glue and glitter definitely aren’t the only ways to DIY. We’ve found some fun (and easy) DIY hair techniques to try on you and your friends.

The Fishtail
The fishtail is on the loose and it’s taking all your sad, boring hair days right along with it. "Seventeen" gives some pretty detailed instructions on how to get your braid just right. If you’ve spent too much time with your head in the books this week and can’t find any room left to read, check out this useful video for a little help.

Ombre Your Hair
Our disclaimer: It’s best if you don’t actually ombre your real hair unless you really know what you’re doing. We’ve got the cure for your bland tresses though. Consider getting extensions and ombre-ing those. It’s easier on the hair and the dye doesn’t go on your ends, which can leave them dry and brittle if you don’t have time to take care of them. Take a look at this instructional video, which includes the best products to use and how to get the gradient you want.

Speaking of extensions, consider getting clip-ins to prevent the damaging fusions that are all the rage these days. Or, even worse, a wig that may become the life of the party once it flies across the room. Clip-ins are easy to make and provide you with the versatility every college girl needs. On the weekends, you can snap them on for a hot date or night out with the girls, and then go back to your headband and hoodies once the week begins. Here’s one more helpful video for you to watch about how to make the week-to-weekend adjustment you’ve been looking for.

If you wear your hair the same way every day, it’s time to get inspired and switch it up!

By: Rikki Byrd | Images: Source

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