Beauty Buzz: The Hangover Beauty Kit

After a week of endless assignments, you spoil yourself on the weekend and take three hours to primp for a night out. After rocking out on the dance floor, waking up the next morning is less than spectacular. Your hair, which took an hour to do last night, looks greasy and lifeless; while your smokey eye has turned into a Taylor Momsen, racoon-esque tragedy. Oops! You had a little bit too much to drink last night.

It wouldn’t be a problem, except you have class in an hour! The first thing you must do is jump in the shower. If possible, do not skip washing your hair. Your scalp takes a huge hit during a night out, becoming the sweatiest place on your body. If you have not washed your hair, eliminate the excess odor and sweat with dry shampoo.

While in the shower, turn the dial up to hot. This will cause you to sweat the alcohol from your body. To cleanse your face, change the water temperature to cool. Notice we said cleansing, not exfoliation. Do not make the mistake of exfoliating this morning! The main idea here is to restore hydration in the body. The cool water will help reduce any puffiness around your eyes and face.

Eyes are key to every look, especially when hiding a hangover. Make sure to apply eye cream, then a depuffing roll-on, like the Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel ($15, Sephora).

Next, your eyes are ready for concealer. Apply your favorite concealer, then a luminizer, which brightens the eye area. Our favorite pick is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Perfector ($11.99, Neutrogena).

Ditch the eyeshadow! The best thing to do is to go au naturale. Putting on heavy make-up will only bring attention to your cocktail flu.

To top it all off, tightline your eyes and use a volumizing mascara. A volumizing mascara gives you an extra flare and flirty look, which instantly opens up your eyes. The best drugstore mascara for this job is the cult-classic, CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara ($7.75, Allure).

After perfecting your bright-eyed look, apply a hydrating moisturizer on your face. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer for at least five minutes.

Afterwards, focus on your brows. Even though you want to pull off a natural look, they must remain polished. Fill in the sparse hair with your brow pencil.

Once your moisturizer has done its magic, skip foundation. Chose a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, which gives you a dewy, hydrating finish. We recommend Bobbi Brown BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF35 ($42, Sephora).

Since you are working hard on looking healthy, use a blush, instead of a bronzer. This will give you a youthful, less tired look. Stick to the natural flush color of your skin; pinks and peaches are the way to go. Use a cream blush, which adds luminosity, like Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blush ($19, Sephora).

And for your lips, use a moisturizing lip product with a hint of tint, like Revlon Colorburst lip butters ($7.49, Revlon).

Next time you are celebrating your free time and want to avoid this beauty pitfall in the morning, just remember to hydrate. For every two drinks you have, drink some water. Do NOT go to bed without removing your makeup and applying your night cream!

Have a blast, but don’t let your hair and skin pay the price.

By: Ivanna Coello | Images: Source, listed retail stores

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