International Foodie: How to Make Italian Pizza

Pizza is one of the easiest, quickest and yummiest meals that can feed a household -- all for less than $20. With unlimited sauce and topping combinations, there’s no wonder that pizzerias are consistently able to keep competing and are successful businesses. But consider this -- next time you’re craving this classic, save on the tip for the delivery guy and make your own Italian masterpiece at home.

The recipe below is simple, easy and authentic Italian. Most Italian-style pizzas have a tomato base and use mozzarella cheese. Prosciutto is a dry-cured ham that’s usually eaten raw, but tastes great baked as well. Northern Italy is renowned for its prosciutto, and some manufacturers spend up to nine years preparing this meat.

  • Tomato or marinara sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Prosciutto
  • Salt & pepper
  • Butter
  • Pre-made pizza dough

Use as much as you’d like of each of these ingredients. You can alter this recipe in limitless ways by swapping the classic tomato sauce with pesto or a creamy ranch, adding veggies or using different meat and cheese. The possibilities are endless and easy to experiment with different variations, so choose your favorites and start mixing and matching!

1. Remove your dough from the fridge about 30 minutes before you plan to start cooking. The dough should get as close to room temperature as possible.

2. Cover a baking pan with flour so the dough doesn’t stick. Knead your hands through the dough and spread it out on the pan. Make sure the thickness is consistent.

3. Drizzle olive oil all over the dough, adding salt and pepper if you want. Next, butter just the crust of the pizza.

4. Spread tomato sauce across the pie and add cheese and whatever toppings you’d like. Put in the oven for 25 minutes at 450 degrees (leave in for longer if you like a crispier crust).

For another fun way to use any extra dough you may have, try braiding strands together to make breadsticks. Dip these in tomato sauce or butter them with cinnamon and sugar for your sweet tooth. You can turn nearly any of your favorite ingredients into an Italian masterpiece as long as you infuse your own creativity!

By: Rachel Davidson | Image: Weheartit, Rachel Davidson

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