College Traveler: Spooky End of October Date Ideas

In true Halloween spirit, one of the best dates I’ve had in London has been daring to enter the London Dungeons for a spooky, thrilling and scream-worthy experience. Not only did I get up close and personal with my guy, but Jack the Ripper made an appearance and I was sent to the gallows! Without age-old dungeons to explore in your hometown, there are still plenty of ways to have a fun date that will terrify both of you, all while bringing you closer together.

Haunted Walking Tours are a fun and easy way to get your scare on. You typically meet at a central point and a tour guide takes you and a group throughout your city, pointing out all the haunted locations, telling spooky stories and letting you in on a few haunted facts. These tours are usually at night and can last up to two hours. They’re a fun, easy way to learn some not-so-PG facts about your city!

Haunted Events are much like haunted tours, except you’re brought to one location such as a haunted prison, mansion, castle or building. You and your man can explore the different rooms with a group of people. Experience sudden bangs, the bone chilling sound of macabre children’s laughter and maybe even see a ghost! These kinds of events can either be day-long events or span over a wonderfully creepy weekend. It all depends on what kind of a fear seeker you are!

You’ve definitely heard of the board game Clue. Murder Mystery is Clue brought to life and an interesting way to get in on the spooky fun. Play a character, act out your role and figure out who killed who! Hotels and bed & breakfasts host these weekend events throughout the year, so remember to pack an overnight bag and a flashlight!

If you’re feeling super adventurous, try dinner in the dark! Grab some blindfolds, invite a few couples over and make a night of it. Remember the lights are not an option! After dinner, pop in an old horror movie and cuddle up.

If you’re looking to spruce up your love life, these timely seasonal date ideas will do the trick -- a scary date is the perfect excuse to cuddle closer to your date! What are your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween with your special someone?

By: Danielle Mair | Image: Source

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