DIY Halloween Costume: Disney Characters (Part II)

Be creative this Halloween and make your own costume from clothes you can actually use again!  If you haven't seen the first part of our Disney costume ideas, check it out here. Otherwise, if you're ready for more, read on!

For a dressy version of Pocahantas, pair a tan or beige one-shouldered dress with Native American inspired jewelry and accessories. Make sure you also include a teal necklace! Let your hair fall down naturally, and brush a bit of bronzer onto your cheeks.

For Belle from Beauty and the Beast, it's all about gold and red roses. Take a epoch-inspired dress and pair it with gold heels and a gold headband. Add your favorite red rose accessories, and make sure you try to do your hair in Belle's style.

For Mulan, you have the choice to dress up in her warrior outfit or her Chinese maiden costume, which seems to be more recognizable as Mulan. Take a pleated teal skirt and pair with a kimono-inspired cardigan. Add Chinese accessories, such as a fan or jewelry, and a coral lip color. Let your hair down and channel your inner Mulan - a spirited, strong woman.

Look out next time for Halloween costume ideas that are not from Disney!

By: CG Staff

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