How to Make the Perfect Ballerina Bun

For centuries ... or for a long time, anyway ... girls all over have been striving to master the art of neatly tucking their hair away into the coveted ballerina bun. With each strand twisted and pinned to perfection, creating a style versatile enough for any situation, women all over aspire to achieve the perfection and chicness of this look. However, realistically, it’s hard to get each hair to lie down -- it just never happens right, but cheers to trying.

To achieve this look, you will need a scrunchy to secure the hair, a few hair pins, a brush and a gel or pomade to flatten flyaways.

To start creating this style, decide where you want your bun, and for a bit of pizazz, you can add a part in front. After this, smooth the hair back, and then secure it as if you were making a ponytail with the scrunchy. Then twist the hair around the scrunchy to make the bun, and pin as you twist. Make sure the bun is secure with as many hair pins as necessary (this will depend on the thickness of your hair). Once the hair is secured, use the brush to smooth back any flyaways, and then apply a small amount of gel or pomade to the areas that are giving a bit of trouble. Once the stray hairs have been dealt with, you should have one of the chicest looks that has been gracing magazines and the fashion industry for years.

Alternatively, if you want to add a bit more kick to your bun, divide the hair in the ponytail in half and twist one half one way and the other half the opposite way. This styling technique will make for a thicker, more interesting looking bun.

By: DeAnna Ramos | Images: Pinterest, DeAnna Ramos

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