Sounds of Summer: 8 Mixes For Summer Fun

From sunscreen to strappy bikinis, tan lines to trips to the beach -- summer is a treat for the senses. Whether you’re indulging in sinfully sweet snow cones or simmering in the sensation of the sun’s rays, there’s a little something for everyone during the hottest months of the year. Not only is summer perfect for getting your skin the perfect shade of bronze, it’s a great time to become immersed in some amazing music!

8tracks is one of the hottest places to find a huge variety of music in the form of mixes that are sure to suit any mood or occasion. It’s got the feel of old mix tapes, where you can skim through users’ own creations and favorite mixes and even put together your own. Whatever time of year it is, 8tracks’ users are always producing new mixes, so it’s easy to find ones that are seasonally appropriate. Summer is probably one of the best times to find some spectacular mixes on the site, whether you’re looking for a party or headed to a music festival! Here are eight mixes to really get your summer started.

The Party Girl:

Windows down, chillin’ with the radio on -- Songs that everyone knows all the lyrics to... perfect for singing at the top of your lungs in your room, backyard or on the road.

SUMMER + HOUSE -- Progressive house that gets your heart beating as hard as the electronic beats in this mix.

Cheers to Summer -- Popular songs to move your body to while you party or blast your speakers as you’re cruising with the windows down.

Drunk & Broceanside -- Exactly what the title sounds like... with straight party tunes to be the soundtrack for your most legendary summer.

The Indie Soul:

Freckled faces and sun bleached hair -- Everyday will feel bright and sunny with this indie rock mix, and its peppy tunes are well-suited for summer days.

Summer sleep -- Crawl into a hammock, close your eyes and drift away with a transcendent mix of chill indie tunes.

Tickle me indie. -- Giggle and cry to this perfect mix full of upbeat indie songs to bop your head to in a car or while shaking your tail-feather at a party.

Being so indie, you turn indian. -- A huge variety of every song you could ever want in a mix: all indie, all fantastic and with the sickest summer vibe ever.

Summer is the best time in our youth, and a good soundtrack can make some of the best memories and reflect them at the same time. We can sift through the sounds and find the outlines of all of our summer adventures through mixes. After all, the best part about 8tracks is when the mix is over and you refresh the page to relive it all over again.

By: Autumn Taylor | Images: Weheartit

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