Nail DIY: 5 Ways to Paint Your Nails Floral

Type in a Google search for “floral nails,” and you’ll end up looking at pictures of flowery manicures for hours. This might seem a little overwhelming, but the fact that there are so many ways to flower up your nails means that we all get a chance to really express ourselves. This creative expression can come in the form of something incredibly artistic or something that only takes five minutes!

A recent nail breakage has forced me to file my fingernails to the same length, which just so happens to be short and stubby, so I resorted to using fake nails. This actually proved to be a fabulous thing because I was able to paint designs on the nails, let them dry and then glue them on!

When it comes to fake nails, I prefer Nailene’s S0 Natural box of 24 nails because they are easy to use, look great and last for weeks (Mom even started putting them in my Christmas stocking!).

First, I measured out what nails fit mine the best. Then, I chose what my color scheme would be. I love Essie’s current set of green polishes, so I chose to base my theme off of a fresh green color called Navigate Her. I used several polishes throughout this manicure, mainly to show a variety of options for a floral manicure, but I also wanted something I could wear in public when it was finished.


Thin paintbrush
Krazy glue
Nail file

I chose to get artistic with my manicure by hand painting every nail a different way.

If you choose to do your manicure this way, it’s really a free-for-all; you can create any kind of flowery look imaginable! Since I was planning on wearing all of these nails, I created an accent using the smallest nail.

I picked up some Nail Dress polish stickers made by Kiss. I was hesitant to try them because, to me, that always seemed a little like cheating. Let me tell you, I fell in love with these things. They are so easy to use, and they last through everything. I can’t wait to do a full manicure with them. The box I bought was less than two dollars and contains 28 strips that vary in length and width, so you can get the perfect fit. You can also cut them into pieces and stick them on your nails as you wish.

I got the ideas for what to paint on my nails from manicures I have seen lately. Each nail that I created represents an option for a full manicure style. I’ll show you which polishes and tools I used to create each look. The polishes are arranged in the order that I applied them. This takes a lot of patience as you have to wait for each layer to dry.


Pointer finger:

 Middle finger:

Ring finger:

Pinky finger:

And here’s the final product.

I did similar patterns with the nails for my right hand so you could see a smorgasbord of flowery options.

For more inspiration of flowery manicures, check out these links featuring creative floral designs.

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Let those manicures bloom!

By: Audrey Prisk | Images: Weheartit, Audrey Prisk

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