How I Styled My Room with the Target uStyler App

Last month, I moved into a new apartment. With the chance to pretty much decorate my apartment from scratch, I knew I had to make it good, even with my tight budget. Luckily, I had the chance to try out the Target uStyler app. The app, part of Target College, is very easy to use and creates a visual so you kind of know what your room will turn out to look like. You can try out different bedding, lamps, and decor on a virtual bedroom with a few clicks of your mouse. When it comes to decorating, this is definitely helpful. Instead of picking out individual bedding, lighting, and decor, you have a visual to help you see if everything matches and fits. Here's what I came up with:

I wanted to add some color to my room. My room is painted beige (the default color for my apartment), and with my wooden furniture and white and brown bedding, my poor room looked pretty boring. Here's how my room looked before:

Original bedding is from Dormify and wall canvas is from Lot26 Studio

The best part? Target's college gear is seriously stylish. As much as I love Target already, I was blown away by the number of chic prints I could choose for my bedding, not to mention the choices I had for lighting, wall art, and seating.

From the uStyler app, you can add everything into your cart. Or you can share your dream room with your family and friends easily by clicking "Share." Here's how my room turned out after using the uStyler app:

I love how my room looks brighter and more colorful! If you're moving into a new dorm room or apartment this year, definitely check out Target's uStyler app to plan your decor.

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