Why You Should Work Out Outdoors

​Working out inside at a gym can be really suffocating. There are guys stomping around, lifting weights heavier than we are, runners thumping on the treadmill for what seems like hours and just an overall aggressive mindset. Take your workouts outdoors, and you’ll be exposed to the fresh oxygen and sunshine that can really do you good; this will make what would otherwise be a dreaded and stuffy workout actually fun.

​If you like to run, find a route that you know will eventually bring you back home. I like to find loops that will bring me back to where I started, not straight shot trails that leave me three miles away from where I want to be. It sounds really simple, but not having to see the same thing twice has really made a difference for me mentally.

​In gyms, the air is recycled, and even if the gym boasts that it has air purifiers that clean the air, you’re still inside and you’re still breathing the air that the guy next to you exhaled. When you’re outside, you’re able to get a lot of fresh air, especially in the morning when the air is crisp and cold. Even taking a walk outside in the morning is something I love to do to wake up and get a little workout in. The fresh oxygen you’re getting will pump your blood and get you going, not to mention that it will make your workout a little more invigorating and get your endorphins flowing.

​Taking your workout outside means you’re going to get exposed to sunshine, and who doesn’t like a nice tan? Break out your tank tops, and don’t forget the SPF because on your outdoor run you’re bound to get a little color. Tanned and toned...what more could we want? I love getting a little color on my shoulders after a good run or hike outside.

​While the sun is shining and the temperatures are high, it’s best to avoid running or working out when the sun is hottest around noon. I like to take my workouts outside either before the afternoon or after around 5 p.m. to prevent too much sun damage and overheating.

​This summer, try taking a hike or taking a walk outside, and if it’s not too hot from the current heat waves across the country, go for a run, and you will start seeing the benefits!

By: Michelle Chang | Image: Weheartit

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