How to Elongate a Petite Figure, Starring Kourtney Kardashian

It can be difficult finding the right summer fashions for hot weather if you are a petite woman. It may seem like nothing will fit quite right and you’re always looking for a way to appear just a little bit taller. However, finding clothing that will elongate your small frame will be a breeze this summer if you follow the Kourtney Kardashian rules of petite fashions.

Rule #1: The Higher the Heels, the Better

Kourtney Kardashian makes it a point to never leave the house without rocking a hot pair of ultra-high heels. Petite women should take full advantage of wearing extra high heels because not only will you get an instant height boost, but heels also add a touch of glam to any look.

Rule #2: Avoid Horizontal Lines and Large Prints

Horizontal lines add width and make short women appear even shorter than they actually are. Large prints should also be avoided as they can overpower a small frame. Instead, opt for vertical lines, which will elongate your figure and make you look taller. Smaller prints are also a good choice because they will not overpower your frame.

Rule #3: It’s All About the Fit

When you are out shopping, do not settle for pants that are too long or slightly big on you. No matter what your shape is, it’s all about finding an outfit that fits you just right. Petite women should look for the inseam number in jeans to make sure that they will not be too long. If you find that it is impossible to find pants with a shorter inseam, you may want to think about taking your paints to a tailor to have them hemmed.

Keeping these three rules in mind, you should have no problem looking your best in the summer heat. And you might even begin to resemble Kourtney Kardashian!

By: Bianca Brummell | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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