Dating Dos & Don'ts: How to Be Sexy Classy, Not Trashy

The girl next door and the sex kitten: it’s a mix of these two traits that most guys would love to find in a woman. As women, we often wonder what makes a guy see us as sexy, someone he finds attractive, yet classy, someone who is still safe to bring home to meet Mom. And then there’s “sexy trashy,” a woman who oozes sex out of her pores to the point where the only thing a guy thinks about when he sees her is she’s someone to have a good time with. She definitely won’t be having dinner with his parents anytime soon. Since none of us want to be that sexy trashy girl, I’ve compiled a list of three ways to avoid the label.


Don’ts: Do not, I repeat, do not let all of your assets hang out. Don’t get me wrong now...a guy will find you very sexy in a mini dress with cut-outs on the side and cleavage out, but at the same time he won’t take you seriously. How can he do that when a set of watermelons are staring at him? Guys want a girl to look sexy enough to where other guys look, but not to the point where other guys think they can touch.

Dos: It’s okay to show a little bit of’s summer after all! For a sexy, but classy daytime look, try a maxi dress. They flatter every body type, come in a variety of styles and can accentuate (and hide) any feature you want it to. If you want to show off your legs, try a maxi dress with a slit on the side or high-low dress, a dress that has the shortness and sexiness of a short summer dress in the front with the long length and chicness of a maxi dress in the back. The great thing about both styles is that they can be dressed down with sandals or for a little extra oomph, paired with a pair of wedges. If you’re going out at night, a mini-dress or skirt is always a hit. Just make sure that it isn’t so short to the point that when you bend over, Victoria’s Secret lingerie has been exposed, shared and talked about by everyone around!


Don’ts: Don’t overdo it! Make-up isn’t meant to take away from your natural features. Wearing red lipstick with dark, black smoky eyes, intense blush and extremely dramatic eyebrows is definitely attention-grabbing, but more in a trashy way rather than appealing in a good way.

Dos: Do wear enough make-up to accentuate your features rather than compete with them. You can use all of the products you’d like, but apply them lightly. For a daytime, natural look, try a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation with a dab of bronzer and mascara. A natural look is sexy and classy at the same time. While your features may pop a little bit more, the “less is more” strategy shows confidence, which is the ultimate badge of sexy. For a night out, dare to be a little more exciting. Try a smoky eye in any dark color and pair it with a nude lip, or if you like dark or red lips, pair it with simple eye make-up such as a black eyeliner and mascara.


Don’ts: Just like with your make-up, do not overdo it on the tanning, ladies! It is summer time and a little extra glow will come naturally. However, just because you want to be darker, does not mean you need to go tanning or use fake tanners every day. Looking orange is not tan. It’s looking orange, and it’s not very classy either.

Dos:Every girl likes to rock an amazing tan, but try and achieve more of a glow rather than a tan. It creates a sexy, healthy and natural look. In order to create a glow-y illusion, find a bronzer with gold undertones that are based on your skin tone. Think Kate Hudson or Gabrielle Union. These ladies always look as if they’re glowing and are undeniably sexy, but classy, too!

These are just three ways to avoid the label of sexy trashy. It’s okay for a guy to see you as sexy, but remember ladies, you can keep it classy and still look sexy!

By: Natalie Allen | Image: Source

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