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We all love to travel, and for many of us, helping those in need gives us an even better feeling. The easiest way to get the best of both worlds is to combine the two! Volunteering abroad is a great option for any travel-addicted humanitarian, and there are many ways to do so. You can help educate others by teaching English as a second language, improving children’s opportunities by building schools, providing food and water to communities, assisting in farming and agricultural sectors and taking part in educating communities on vital health issues as well as education and politics.

International travel is tricky at the best of times; however, to make sure everything transitions smoothly, gather all of your required travel documentation such as your passport, vaccination forms, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc. If you don’t have a passport, be sure to contact your local passport location as soon as possible.

Next, begin brainstorming what you want to do while volunteering. Do you want to work with people? Do you want to work in a hospital? Would you rather be in a small town? Are you interested in construction? Determine where your strengths and skills are. Assess how this could apply to a volunteer position.

Once you have your basic documentation and goals in mind, begin searching for a volunteer program that fits with your plans. You can find a variety of volunteer programs by searching on Google or visiting

Once you’ve found a few programs that suit your needs, you can easily determine how they all match up by using different review websites. Two great websites with a ton of active users ready and willing to give you the lowdown on their experience are and

After you’ve decided on your program, follow their application process and begin your wonderful adventure volunteering abroad.

Leave a comment below to let us know where you decide to go. Happy travels!
By Danielle Mair | Image: Weheartit

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  1. you forgot the best site for reviews of programs abroad - Go Overseas!

  2. To make the most of your volunteer placement, try to find a placement that will use your skills and experience, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. This will lead to a more rewarding experience and help provide the greatest benefit to the community you work with. Links for Change offers personalised, tailored placements based on your skills.

  3. I suggest Career Israel ( for amazing volunteer options in Israel.


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