BrokeCity Tees: A Must-Have by Orly Shani

We first introduced you to NBC’s Fashion Star contestant Orly Shani in our exclusive interview with her a few weeks ago, but this up-and-coming fashion designer is still bringing it! The NYC native is launching the BrokeCity Tees from her Tuc+Wes Dead Broke 2012 collection today, Monday May 14th! The collection features cute and comfy t-shirts that look nice with anything from skinny jeans to a mini skirt. Ranging in color and cut these t-shirts are great for any girl. 

Orly Shani has been excited about releasing these t-shirts since she first began working on them. The shirts reflect her own taste when it comes to fashion and style, but are still extremely versatile and can be worn in a grunge-rocker, hippie, girly, funky, preppy, or glam way! Bottom line: these t-shirts are a must-have.

Visit Orly's website for all of your color and style options.

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Interested in purchasing a BrokeCity tee? Visit Orly’s website.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Orly Shani

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  1. Hey guys -- Cool tees. I can relate being a broke new yorker. Do they do mens? Pumped to meet ya'll in San Francisco! -Greg

  2. E broke city tees are pretyy rad.


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