Your Ultimate Spring Break Guide

Spring break is like a little teaser that gets you through the remainder of the semester and safely on to summer. Whether you’re hanging onto those last bits of winter or trying to start summer a few months early, there are always fun and creative ways to get the best out of that one-week of endless possibilities known as Spring Break.

Break only lasts for one week, so picking the perfect location (or various locations) is key. For those beach babes who enjoy the salt water, the warm sand, and sun’s rays, try something new. Instead of spending all week soaking up the sun in one beach location try day tripping to different beaches throughout the week. Not every beach looks the same. Each beach has its own vibe and attracts different groups of people. You can spend an afternoon hiking through nature trails and visiting marine life at Loggerhead Park and Loggerhead MarineLife Center in Juno, Fla., or you can spend a few nights camping out on Peanut Island in Riviera Beach, Fla. And for those party people -- there’s never a dull moment on Miami’s South Beach. Either way, experiencing more than one place by taking mini road trips is a great spring break excursion -- it’s a beach vacation and a road trip rolled into one.

Once you’ve made plans, you have to decide what to pack. When deciding upon those perfect spring break bathing suits remember to keep it fun. Spring break is about letting loose and being a little wild; your attire should reflect your carefree spirits. Instead of going for a simple solid color swimsuit try something new. Mix and match colors, prints and patterns. Chose a swimsuit piece with a funky print and pair it with a bright solid colored piece. The contrast will definitely bring that wild spring break vibe to your wardrobe and definitely catch people’s attention. Be bold! Find mix and match swimsuit ideas here:

However, don’t get too caught up in stuffing all of your swim wear into your bag and forget to bring the necessities. Don’t forget sun protection. Keep it trendy with a cute fedora or a floppy hat, dark shades and SPF protection. A must have is Baby Lips, a moisturizing lip balm. Baby Lips by Maybelline is an SPF 20 lip balm that contains ingredients like Shea butter and anti-oxidants. Apply it daily for protection to achieve moisturized, rejuvenated lips. Baby Lips also come in an assortment of colors like energizing orange and smoothing cherry. Find it here:

Now that you’re packed, here are a couple of extras that will add to your spring break experience. In this day of instant photography from digital cameras and smart phones, it’s easy to forget about the good old disposable camera. Go back in time for a while and experience the best part of a disposable camera--not being able to delete or erase memories. These candid snapshots allows you to see the fun all over again, you never know what surprises you’ll see all over again. UrbanOutfitters carries a variety of film cameras. The Lomography Honeysuckle Fisheye is an old-school camera that distorts images into a circular view resembling a fisheye. It’s a creative way to capture moments with a modern twist. This camera goes for $48 on the UrbanOutfitters website. Find it here:

Lastly, round things off with a musical playlist. No trip is complete unless there is a playlist to reference every crazy moment. Here are 25 songs (in no specific order) that are sure to have you singing, dancing and raging throughout the entire week.
1. "Anna Sun" Walk the Moon
2. "Swing Tree" Discovery
3. "Orange Shirt" Discovery
4. "All These Trees" Passion Pit
5. "Mind Your Manners" Chiddy Bang
6. "Too Much Soul" Chiddy Bang
7. "Run" The Knux ft. Kid Cudi
8. "Beautiful People" Chris Brown & David Guetta
9. "Levels" Avicii
10. "Fade Into Darkness" Avicii
11. "Crash Your Party" Karmin
12. "Bad Girls" M.I.A
13. "XXXO Bojak remix" M.I.A ft. Nicki Minaj
14. "Warm Heart of Africa" The Very Best
15. "Sleepy Head Cover" Ellie Goulding [Starsmith remix]
16. "Tongue Tied" Group Love
17. "Free" Graffiti6
18."La La" The Cab
19. "Cameras" Matt and Kim
20. "Goner" Matt and Kim ft. Andrew WK and Soulja Boy
21. “I’m Glad You Came” The Wanted
22. “We Are Young” FUN. ft. Janelle Monae
23. “Young, Wild and Free” Wiz Khalifa
24. “Tonight Is The Night” Outtasight
25. “Dance” Big Sean

By: Jamie Wilson

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