CG's Exclusive Fashion Interview with the Leading Ladies of Belle Amie

British band Belle Amie is creating a fashion-forward buzz after their incredible debut on X Factor UK in 2010. Rebecca Creighton (Bex), Sophia Wardman and Esther Campbell (Essie) were mentored by one of music reality TV’s biggest players: Simon Cowell. The girls loved his “wicked sense of humor” and agreed that even though he could “make your brow sweat with just a look,” working with him was an honor. The trio has moved far beyond their X Factor beginnings, but they still hold Simon’s advice and everything they learned on the show close to their hearts.

So what secrets did Simon share with these musical fashionistas?

“Accentuate your personality; [don’t] try to be someone else. Take your best attributes and make them visible to the world.”

One thing is for sure: these girls are definitely making it visible to the world their musical talent and passion for fashion!

The trio recently released their first edgy-pop single “Girls Up,” which was a “good introduction tune to show the world [they] are still going and not giving up!” The song is bubbly and perfect for dancing and singing to. However, Bex, Sophia and Essie are more than just a one-time wonder. They are hoping to collaborate with Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Katy Perry for their debut album! Right now they are working on recording music and have big plans to tour all over America.
Fashion is also a big part of the girls’ lives. Bex, Sophia and Essie have dreams of starting their own clothing line and love design. When it comes to fashion, Bex, Sophia and Essie break all the rules with their “loud, random, bright, fun” outfits. Each of the girls has her own unique look, and they love getting dolled up for their days out and about in London.

Bex loves emulating Katy Perry: “I love the 40s, am very girly and change my hair every five minutes!”

Essie is the “urban princess” of the trio. She loves wearing bandeau tops, baggy jeans and boots and is always going full out with her accessories.

Sophia takes her style queues from the 80s…think bright patterns and bold colors. “I love clashing, too!”

The leading ladies of Belle Amie are self-confessed fashion addicts, and while they like to keep their looks original they can’t help but splash a little bit of designer luxe into the mix from time to time.

Who are their icons? “Vivienne Westwood, Jeffrey Campbell, PPQ, House of Holland, and our favorite designers at the moment are Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Jeremy Scott! Cartoon fabulous!”

Belle Amie is a band you definitely want to keep on your radar. Their music is amazing and their fabulous fashion senses are seriously cool. These girls have swagger when it comes to style. As they like to say “everyday’s a catwalk,” and they prove that all the time!

Dying to learn more about this style savvy threesome? We’ll let them do the talking!

Read on for the exclusive fashion and beauty interview with the band Belle Amie by College Gloss’s Annie Robinson...
What is your favorite outfit?
Sophia: I bought a proper glammed-up frill dress and wore it with shiny brogues, patterned socks, a bowler hat and as always, a massive chain… I felt girly, but still tom-boyish.
Essie: I think my favorite outfit is definitely my little white rara skirt with a purple bandeau and a little vintage African print jacket with socks and suede shoes. I felt like a ballerina.
Bex: That’s a tough one…maybe the dress I wore for “Girls Up” shoot. I loved that. It was really frilly and had that 50s flair.

What is your favorite accessory?
Sophia: My double-fingered ring with my name on it!
Essie: I’m in love with what I call my “rude boy” earrings!
Bex: My red heart chain… it is very retro, and I’m always wearing it!

What is in your beauty bag?
Sophia: Always lip balm… can’t live without it! Also Mac everything: foundation, blusher, concealer… and I have a habit of carrying every bright lipstick I own with me.
Essie: Vaseline! It’s a must; no one likes dry lips. I also love my Mac foundation, blusher and I am obsessed with bright lipstick.
Bex: Eyeliner, my lipstick ranges from dark purple to bright orange. Mac everything….oh, and moisturizer!

Who has influenced your style most?
Sophia: Timmy Mallet because he’s a massive geek, and I love him! He’s a human cartoon and obsessed with crazy shirts like me!
Essie: I love Ciara’s swag, how she looks sexy but girly
Bex: I love Marilyn Monroe with a Katy Perry twist.

When did you first begin to develop your sense of style?
Sophia: From about 17 really… I took an interest in fashion… started reading Vogue and obsessing over celeb style, then I discovered vintage and started customizing myself. My mum was a dress maker as well so I just stole her sewing machine!
Essie: To be honest I'm still quite young and still finding my style, but I'm getting there, I think…
Bex : Since about 18….you'd always catch me in a corner sewing something together or attaching something to a piece of clothing I had just purchased.

What is your favorite color of nail polish?

Sophia: Anything shockingly bright! I try and make my nails as miss-matched as possible or make new patterns.
Essie: Pink all the way.
Bex: Multi-colors with cute cherries on the thumb nails.
What is your favorite beauty product?
Sophia: I love Aussie hair products! They smell totally delicious.
Essie: I absolutely love my Soap and Glory body scrub it's amazing!!
Bex: Soap and Glory all the way!

What do you like to wear on the weekends?
Sophia: Skinny jeans, T-shirts, converse or brogues.
Essie: Henry Holland tights, little bandeau skirt, T-shirts.
Bex: Cute shirt, skinny jeans, brogues.

If you could switch wardrobes with anyone (dead or alive) whom would it be and why?
Sophia: Probably Nicki Minaj, so I could dress all crazy everyday! Or Alexa Chung to dress head-to-tow in pretty Chanel!
Essie: Definitely Cassie or even Amber Rose.
Bex: Katy Pe
rry and Lady Gaga, definitely.

What cut of jeans do you like best?
Sophia: Super, super, super skinny.
Essie: I'm into baggy jeans.
Bex: Skinny.

How do you like to do your hair?
Sophia: I love volume and crimping.
Essie: I like my hair mad straight and recently like it crimped.
Bex: A huge mohawk….or finger waves.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Source

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