Five Spring Nail Colors Every Girl Should Try

A great nail colour is an essential part of every fashionable girl’s wardrobe. Whether you’re decorating your fingers or your toes, choosing the right colour isn’t always easy. Between matching that season’s colors, your outfit that day, or equivalent shades from different lines, things can get overwhelming.

To help make things a little easier, here’s a short list of great colours that every Fashionista should try to work into their nail colour rotation, or at least take out for a spin when she’s feeling a little adventurous.

1. White 

Many women think white polish isn’t wearable unless it’s part of a French manicure, but white on its own is a great colour for nails. A full nail of white makes you seem daring, and willing to take exciting fashion risks. The first time you try white, it might take a little getting used to, but it will quickly grow on you as a great color to complement any outfit.

2. Purple

OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark

Purple polish conveys power and femininity. No wonder it’s the go-to colour for royalty! Try a grape shade if you’re not yet comfortable with this bold colour. But if you’re ready to go all out, try for a deep, rich purple that will catch people’s eye.

3. Orange
Essie, Orange It's Obvious

Orange polish is a great colour for shorter nails, and conveys a sense of youth and excitement. It’s a colour that you can’t help but notice, and you’ll probably get lots of compliments when you take this shade out for a spin.

4. Jade
OPI, Jade is the New Black

A deep dark jewel-toned jade polish gives any outfit instant pizzazz. Green is a colour that oozes style, and jade especially conveys the sense that you’re a woman in control. Think Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, but without the deadly seduction!

5. Black
NYX, Matte in Black

Although some still it see it as a nail colour strictly for the Emo crowd, black polish gives any manicure a polished and perfected look. Best on longer nails, black polish on a well-manicured hand portrays discipline and organization. Wouldn’t you like to be considered responsible because you chose a great nail colour that day?

Whatever colour you choose to rock, remember to try to experiment every now and again. Peruse your closest drug store, and pick new shades that are outside of your usual palette. You’ll be surprised at the number of new colours you’ll discover and how many of them you’ll absolutely love.

By: Cate Young | Image: Source

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