Outfit Ideas from The Hunger Games

Empowered women seems to be the reigning theme in movie theaters recently. Almost every movie preview I see features some awesome girl, on some crazy plot, and kicking some major butt! Normally, stars like these generate an automatic fan base, especially in young women throughout the country and even the world. Two of these awesome characters are Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games, and Snow White, Mirror Mirror. When a performance inspires me like that, I consistently find myself wanting to transform entirely into those unbelievable characters. Normally, I’m just not cool enough to do that so, naturally. So, I attempted to recreate their wardrobe! Here’s what I came up with:

Name: Katniss Everdeen
Movie: The Hunger Game
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Plot: Lawrence plays a 16 year- old girl who is a fighter, hunter, provider and strong warrior. Her life is changed around when she is thrown into the annual reality TV show, The Hunger Games, where children ages 11-18 are drafted into a gladiator showdown to fight to the death. The time is set in an unusual, North America, futuristic world. Katniss is forced into a circumstance where she has to fight for her life every single minute. Out of 24 kids, only one can survive.

Creation: Katniss is fierce and loves to hunt, so the deep nature colors, brown, army green, and gray, are a must! Her style has to be “warrior ready”, so I spiced the jacket and shoe essentials up a little bit with a trendy tie up boot and an edgy, pleather hoodie-jacket. The tribal scarf and deep yellow belt just pull the whole look together! Love the books and can’t wait to see the movie!

The Look

Skinny Grey Jeans-$19.99 Urban Outfitter, Green Blouse- $29.94 Old Navy, Pleather Brown Jacket- $39.99 Target, Xhilaration Lace-up Boots- $29.99 Target, Belt and Scarf- $6.80 & $8.80 Forever 21

By: Emmi MacIntyre

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