Gorgeous Shower Gels from $3 to $30

Looking for a great way to add a luxe touch to your morning showers? Take a look at College Gloss’s five amazing shower gel picks that range from $3-$30! Shower gels leave skin smooth and glossy as well as beautifully scented. From fruity to floral, there is a shower gel for every girl. Now is the time to find yours….

Strawberry Sparkler Shower Gel
Bath & Body Works - $3.00
This luxurious shower gel is perfect for pampering! Strawberry Sparkler leaves your skin soft and smelling sweet. This gel is fortified with fragrances like sweet fuji apple, tangy mandarin and wild strawberry. With softening Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E, this gel is formulated for the true princess in all of us!

Christina Aguilera - Inspire Shower Gel - $11.19
This flirty and feminine shower gel will leave you feeling amazing with its fruity fragrance and moisturizing formula! Christina Aguilera - Inspire features top notes of sweet mango and flavorful citrus as well as soft freesia, and base notes of delicate, white rose and fresh gardenia. Enriched with proactive vitamins, this gel promises to leave skin smoother than ever before. It offers the ultimate spa treatment with a glam celebrity touch!

Philosophy - Raspberry Sorbet Shower Gel
Sephora - $16.00
This sweet-scented shower gel is fit to have you feeling fab in no time! Raspberry Sorbet is filled with moisturizing mediators that smooth and soften skin within seconds. Plus, the gentle gel eliminates excess oils and dirt from the surface of your skin! But this shower gel does more than just leave your skin feeling silky, it also keeps you smelling amazing all day long! What girl could say no to the fruity-floral scent of fresh raspberry sorbet?

Escada - Taj Sunset Show Gel - $20.00
Go exotic-glam with Escada’s Taj Sunset shower gel! Taj Sunset leaves skin feeling velvety for hours after your shower. This supreme gel is inspired by the rich, colorful and spicy lifestyles in hot and sultry India. Its zesty fragrance captures feelings full of life, tranquility and splendor. Featuring fruity notes including fresh mango, sparkling tangerine, piquant blood orange and musky coconut, Taj Sunset shower gel will leave you feeling totally radiant!

Anna Sui - Forbidden Affair Shower Gel - $30.00
This gracefully sumptuous shower gel is impossible to say no to! The soft gel works to moisten skin and leave it glowing while the formula works to keep skin velvety all day long. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair personifies independence, romance and elegance, which come to life in the form of a fresh lavender aroma. This luxurious gel is suitable for all skin types, and what’s more? It will have you feeling classy and chic long after your shower is complete!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Weheartit, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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