How to Welcome 2012 With a Refreshed Wardrobe

There are items that every woman must own in their wardrobe, essentials that will work with anything and are necessary in your life. These items can be bought over time, but whenever an event comes up, you’ll be glad you have these things. And, the new year is the perfect time to stock up!

Blazer (black, cream or both)
A blazer can make any outfit look professional, while adding your own personal touch to it, black is the common color people use for a blazer but cream also is very warm and welcoming.

Little black or white dress
A little black dress is the typical style for a last-minute cocktail party but don't forget that a white dress can look just as elegant and also be used for such occasions.

Black or nude shoes
Doesn’t really matter which one you pick because they’re both a great choice! You need a black or nude heel in your wardrobe; it’s the number one essential! 

Any color scarf can go but a
basic black, brown or blue is great when you have an item that will last a lifetime in your wardrobe.

Leather (real or faux) jacket
A nice leather jacket in any color can go with any outfit like a dress or even leggings.

A basic pair of leggings is necessary in any closet! They go with anything and are very versatile.

There are always other items that are needed in a wardrobe but these are essential in a closet and will last you a lifetime. Of course you can (and should) add any other items you would like but these are the basics.

By: Brianna Cephas | Image: Tumblr

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  1. Definitely get more use out of my little black dress than my little white dress!


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