Leather: It's Not Just for Bikers

One of the toughest clothing items to pull off may quite possibly be leather pants. Or so we think.  

Yes, they are skintight, super slick and ridiculously fierce (in the best possible way) - but since when should any of that stop us from trying this daring trend?

I myself admit to being hesitant when it comes to wearing leather pants. A few years ago, I bought a pair of leather leggings and have only managed to wear them once. This is really saying something, considering the fact that I’m quite the style chameleon and am constantly finding ways to mix it up. 

A look at my favorite celebrity fashionistas and trendsetters got me thinking again about this seemingly difficult form of legwear. The biggest hurdle faced when wearing leather pants is knowing how and what to wear them with. Are leather pants only appropriate at night or can they be worn to class? Should they be paired with stilettos, flats or boots? Is a T-shirt too casual? Is a studded leather jacket over-the-top? As you can see, there are so many factors to consider.    

Despite what you may have heard, leather pants are not limited to bikers, rockers and punks. Regardless of your style, you can make leather pants work for you. It’s just a matter of selecting the appropriate accessories and staying true to your personal style.
Whether you prefer leather pants or leggings, there are endless ways to incorporate leather into your wardrobe. If you are more of a leggings kind of girl, however, remember that leggings are not pants. Leather leggings look best when paired with long oversized sweaters, extra-long tops or long cardigans.  

Before you completely rule out leather pants, take a look at how these savvy ladies have incorporated leather into their daily looks.

Olivia Palermo is one fashionista who can pull off any trend. Chanel-esque ballet flats, a feminine coat and girly accessories make a world of a difference in conveying a look that is classy and chic, not edgy and tough. Also notice how Olivia’s white coat makes this ensemble perfectly day-appropriate.
Olivia does it again!  A plain tee and blazer are all you need. (Tip: Wear your leather pants as though they were jeans. Olivia could easily have swapped her leather pants for a pair of skinny leg jeans. Likewise, the tops and jackets that you would normally wear with jeans often look great with leather pants.)  

Lauren Conrad goes for an effortless look by pairing her leather pants with a loose-fitting blouse and heels. Because both of these outfits contain a dark color palette, they are more suitable for a night out.

Miranda Kerr is always on the go! The next time you’re running errands, grab a classic wool coat, your favorite flats and a chic scarf.

Lots of layering will add much panache to your look.

I never thought that an ensemble consisting of leather pants could come across as bohemian. A drapey, floral cardigan and lace cami soften the harshness of the black leather.  

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I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly willing to give leather pants another chance. My pair of leggings will be making an appearance in 2012! How about yours?

By: Anjerika Wilmer | Images: Source, Tumblr, Source, Source, Source, Just Jared, Source, Free People

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