Mascara Exclusive: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About This Makeup Essential

Dark, lengthy, velvety eyelashes are top of mind when it comes to a girl’s appearance. How is the look achieved? Mascara of course! Considered a beauty essential, mascara is one product most girls rarely leave the house without. With the incredible hold mascara has on society, it is imperative that a girl knows all there is to know about the product.

How to Pick the Perfect Mascara
When choosing the right mascara there are several factors to consider. First, contemplate on what features you are looking for in your mascara. With so many lash-boosting serums on the market, it is hard to differentiate between them. This is why it is extremely important to know what you want in your mascara. From length and volume to waterproof and color there is a very wide range of choices. Do your research before you set out to make your purchase. 

How to Apply Mascara 
Applying mascara takes patience and a steady hand, but the outcome looks gorgeous if you follow the right steps. Start by wiggling the wand gently at the root of the lashes. When mascara is applied near the roots it gives the appearance of natural thickness and length. The next step is to smoothly draw the wand throughout the extent of the lashes. Continue to wiggle the wand as you apply the mascara. Wiggling the wand is fundamental as it separates the lashes ensuring no clumps! The last step is pulling the wand over the tips of the lashes to finalize the look. Viola: you’re done.

A Hint of Color
Colored mascara may seem risky, but it is a great way to amp up your look. Not sure which tone is right for you? Different colored mascara reflect different eye colors unique ways….

Purple mascara is always elegant and compliments hazel eyes well. Purple is mystic and whimsical and adds a dainty touch to your makeup look. 

Blue mascara is a fabulous contrast to brown eyes and adds a glam edge.  Not to mention blue will set of brown eyes and make them pop! 

Yellow mascara is best for gray eyes. Golden yellow brightens up steely eyes giving you a welcoming vibe. How pretty?

Pink mascara looks dazzling on green-eyed girls. Pink mascara contrasts beautifully with green and creates allure.  
Care & Keeping
If you want to maintain the quality of your mascara there are a few vital dynamics you must abide by. First off remember to never pump your mascara wand in the tube! Pumping the mascara introduces air into the tube, which will dry out your mascara quickly. By pulling out the wand in one clean motion you are extending the life of your makeup. This is a pretty important thing to remember, because mascara doesn’t last for long: maximum 4-5 months. Replace your mascara frequently to avoid the use of nasty, expired makeup that can contain harmful bacteria!Mascara is truly an amazing beauty product! Keep these exclusive tips in mind and you will be the prettiest girl on campus.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Tumblr, Weheartit, Weheartit, Weheartit, Tumblr

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