Tattoos: Trendy or Trashy?

In 2010, almost four in 10 people ages 18 to 29 had a tattoo, according to the Pew Research Center. And about half of those with tattoos had two to five. Eighteen percent had six or more.

Strangely enough, 70% said their tattoos are concealed beneath clothes. Why the need to hide the ink?

Trendy or trashy? You decide.

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  1. Thinking and researching should always be done before doing anything permanent tattoos are definitely no exception, but some of the tattoos posted here are really nice and others seem kinda meh, not sure if I would call them thrashy but they are treading a fine line. I like the full sleeve for some reason I find tattoos that are small and mostly meant to "fit in" are thrashy looking but larger tattoos are pretty hot and I like them a lot.

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  2. Theres no need to hide the ink just like theres no need to show it off. The misconception about tattoos is that they're open to the public. To me and some people tattoos can be personal. A little reminder, or token to hide. Sometimes the meaning behind them are too personal to share while other tattoos there isn't really a meaning. it depends on the person.

  3. I like this article. I feel like some of these tats are actually tasteful (Hayden, Nicole, Pink) but I would never every get pictures or portraits or sleeves. I would never get any tat. I mean imagine being 89 with some wrinkly worn out tat on your body. You'r grand kids whould be like "what's with that" and after you turn 35 it just sort of becomes lame.

  4. well preferribly i dont like tattoos but i can deal with letters or words and things like that sort but when it leads down to faces and colored in art and things like that i dont like them once so bit especially like a full sleeve tattoos they just are not the best thing to look in a person really even though they can tell you alot about them i really dont like tattoos but that just me!


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