Musician to Look Out For in 2012: Ed Sheeran

Nineteen-year-old Ed Sheeran is stealing the hearts of many in the UK. His music varies style-wise, having a little bit of folk rock, hip-hop and acoustic incorporated into many of his songs.  His debut single, “The A Team” rose to number 3 in the UK charts the week it was released selling over 58,000 copies. This simple song features Sheeran playing the acoustic guitar. His other famous single, “You Need Me, I Don't Need You,” has also proven to be a chart riser, which showcases his many talents. His beat-boxing gives the song a hip-hop feel, which is very surprising to hear after listening to “The A Team”.

He took a tour in the United States in 2010 playing open-mic gigs in Los Angeles “just to try it out." At one of these impromptu gigs, Jamie Foxx saw him perform and took Ed Sheeran under his wing. The album has not yet been released in the U.S., however the single "The A Team" is available on iTunes and “+” will be available in early 2012.  

Check out his website for a free download of his song “One Take.” In the meantime why not check out his videos on YouTube?

By: Brooke Stuart | Images: Source, Source

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