Megabus: The Best Way to Travel on a Dime

This weekend I will be taking advantage of the Megabus going from Burlington, Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts!

Megabus began in England in 2003 and as popularity grew they expanded to Scotland and Wales. In 2006 it came over to America and is constantly adding more destinations. What makes these buses so great is that they are very affordable; if you plan in advance you can find tickets for $1 each way! My trip to Boston is costing me $10.50 round-trip- you can't beat that! I've taken the bus at home from Philadelphia to New York City for $20, which is almost half of what I would have to pay for one way if I took the train.

The buses are all air-conditioned, the drivers are friendly, and there is plenty of room, some of them are even double-decker buses and have great tables set up on the first level so you can get work done! Another bonus to this bus is that there is wireless! This may not seem like a major thing to some people, but I take the train back and forth from Vermont to Philadelphia, which is a long 10-and-a-half-hour train ride with no Internet. I don't need the Internet to be on social media websites, I just would like Internet to watch a movie on Hulu, or work on a paper by researching online.

Megabus is a great way to travel for not a lot of money with fairs as low as $1 if you look early enough! I highly suggest it and hope that if you are planning a trip to the following places, you will consider them!

Check out the Megabus website for more details.

By: Brooke Stuart | Images: Source, Source

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