Fun in NYC: MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is known for having galleries and exhibits of drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography, all in one place.

Paintings range from Van Gogh to Leonardo Da Vinci, in addition to other artists and painters. In the MoMA, you can find sculptures of various types of chairs, ancient pieces of communication such as the telephone, and abstract ones that are made of different combined parts and materials.

MoMA is the perfect museum to visit for aspiring artists, architects and photographers because it will give them some inspiration and insight as to what it actually is that they’re aspiring to do for a living. Although there may be some exhibitions and galleries that don’t interest you, MoMA is a great place to learn more about culture.

Behind every sculpture, painting, drawing and photograph, there is an origin and a story that goes with it. Explore and discover the amazing works of talented artists from around the globe.

MoMA also has a fantastic design shop filled with amazing souvenirs ranging from pens with their logo printed on it to small knick knacks such as contact lense cases, postcards and home-related objects. In addition to a design shop, MoMA has a bookstore filled with books containing pages of paintings by famous artists along with some other catalogues.

So go ahead and plan a trip to MoMA! For more information, visit their website,

By: Sarah Yu | Images: Source, Source

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  1. I have been a CG reader for a few months now, my cousin gave me the heads up about the site and it is really great! I just wanted to say that i am reading everything and everything is really, really, really cool! Go CG Go!

  2. Gotta Plan a fun trip to MoMa now that this was mentioned. I'm there.


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