Why A Better Fitting Bra Means Better Health

Did you know that about 80% of women either do not know their bra size or have never been measured professionally by a bra specialist? A lot of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Wearing the wrong bra can hurt your self-esteem and cause serious health issues, even increasing the risk of breast cancer. So how can you find the perfect bra?

Here are three simple tips.

1. Go see a bra specialist. Go into a store with questions you have about the right bra for you. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know your exact size or have never been measured.

2. Find out what support you need. There are all different types of bras and with that there are all different types of support for bras: full coverage, unlined and even wire free. Pick up a few different styles and try them all on, seeing which one fits and supports you best.

3. Have fun. Although trying on a whole bunch of bras may be tedious, have fun with it! You can try on different styles, colors and prints with an arrangement of garments if the boutique has any. Stores like Soma Intimates even have parties for you and three friends to try on bras and when you bring friends you receive one free and they receive discounts on purchases.

Fun Bra Facts (Thanks Redbook)
1. The average woman owns 9 bras (and wears 6 of them on a regular basis)
2. $16 billion is spent worldwide on bras every year
3. The average bra size is a 36C

Remember, finding your perfect bra can be stressful, but know that not only is it good for your self-esteem, but it’s necessary for your health.

By: Brianna Cephas | Images: Weheartit, Weheartit, Weheartit,

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