6 Fashionable and Functional Winter Coats Under $100

1. Fitted Anomalous Coat in Dark Camel | Romwe, $65
The wide lapels and numerous wrist ties will lend you the air of a European fashionista.

2. Belted Woolblend Coat | Old Navy, $75
For those days you just want comfort, pull on this cozy coat.

3. Double-breasted Coat | Victoria's Secret, $99
A rich purple will add color to your ensemble, and the double breasted style will add style.

4. Devin Military Peacoat | Delias, $90
Get cozy with a neutral gray for a streamlined winter look.

5. Letter in the Letter Box Cape | Modcloth, $100
Add stylish holiday cheer to your outfit with a rosy cape.

6. Long Wool Coat | H&M, £30
Go for the classical look while keeping warm with this long, camel trenchcoat.

By: CG Staff | Image: Source

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