Why Lifting Weights Isn't Just For Guys

Are you one of those females at the gym that just cant get up the courage to go into the weight room? Well you are not alone, most women find the weight room to be very intimidating and why shouldn’t they. Usually, these rooms are infested with bulky men that all seem to have a routine and if you got in their way, well good luck to you. But in all honesty, the weight room is a great place for men and women to share. Most of the guys will be happy to assist you and you wouldn’t be using any of the weights they would probably need.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start breaking a sweat with weights:

1. You will be stronger
What woman doesn’t want to be stronger. You will not have to rely on others for as many things as you used to and simple tasks like lifting groceries will become a piece of cake. As you lift weights your muscles create tiny tears in their fibers. When you are in resting mode this is when the fibers repair themselves and that is what makes you stronger and creates that bulky muscle. As women we don’t want the bulk like men so stick to lighter weights with increased reps. This will create smaller tears, which will give you long and lean muscles. Imagine the confidence boost of that.

2. You will lose body fat
This is always what women forget is that all that cardio can only do so much. It is proven that weight lifting burns more calories after your workout is done than cardio alone. What this means is that you burn more calories during the day, which can add up overtime to weight loss. Also, for every ounce of muscle mass you gain body fat is what the muscle mass displaces. Hello Abs!

3. Lifting weights can ward off diseases

You can reduce your risk of diabetes, clinical depression, heart disease, and your risk of osteoporosis by lifting weights all according to researchers. Imagine how you feel when you become stronger and leaner, that boost of confidence is what researchers claim can decrease clinical depression. These findings are only the beginning, imagine in 10 years what else weight training can do for you. All the more incentive to get started now.

By Danielle Gagliardi |

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