Sport a Scarf This Season

With fall already in progress, now is the time to purchase the right kind of scarf. Countless celebrities have been seen out and about with scarves even in the summer. During the colder months, we can’t just sport a jacket or coat without a scarf because it is essential to an outfit. A simple-looking scarf can dramatically enhance the way you look by transforming a casual look during the day into an edgy look for going out with friends, all while keeping us warm. A scarf is almost like a statement piece to an outfit if worn and styled the correct way. It is the final touch and detail every girl needs during the fall.

For example, the circle scarf has been quite the eye catcher this season because of its versatility. The circle scarf will never bore you because it can be turned into a mini, head wrap, dress and shawl, just to name a few.

When searching for a scarf, don’t be afraid to pick a style that seems loud or crazy. You don’t want to waste money on “just another scarf” that every other girl has or has already seen, or even one that will just blend in with your outfit. It is never wrong to mismatch because we all need to experiment and step out of our comfort zone in order to fully personalize our style.

Check out how these celebs like to style fall's favorite accessory:

Take risks this season because, after all, autumn and winter are the seasons where everyone loves to dress up.

By: Vinh Nguyen | Images: Polyvore, Source, Source, Source, Source

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