Hattitude: Top Off Your Outfits & Show Off Your Confidence

Wearing hats takes guts! Let’s face it; topping off our outfits with a haute headpiece is something guaranteed to warrant attention. You know that girl with the ultimate “it” factor when it comes to fashion? She struts around campus oozing with ultimate coolness, all eyes are on her when she walks in a room, and no one can get enough of her fabulous ensembles? It is time to step up and be her. The truth is, the trick to her style swagger is her chapeau! It is easier than ever to become your college’s fall fashionista, all you need is a dose of hattidue.

So what is “hattitdue”? Simple: the act of wearing hats with attitude. Those who are fashionably inept resort to hats for warmth in the cooler seasons, but for fierce fashion femmes, hats are so much more than a source of warmth! Not only do hats instantly accessorize outfits, they also send out a hip vibe. What kind of hat will you top off your outfits with?

I’m dishing on four ultra hot hat hats you can’t live without:

If your style is boho your wardrobe is not complete without a slouchy beanie. Aside from being totally cute, beanies also have their hidden benefits! They are beyond cozy, and come in the form of fairy godmother on your bad hair days. Beanies are the definitive triple threat, what more could a girl ask for?

Do the words “hardcore”, “cutting edge” and “tough” remind you of your wardrobe? Get your hattitude fix this fall with the utterly trendy military cap. Made popular by superstars like Rihanna, the military cap is strictly reserved for fashion daredevils who love the rocker look.

If you consider yourself a retro guru, the trilby hat it right for you. Trilby hats take a lot of confidence to wear, they stand out in a crowd, but they send out a tasteful ambiance! Trilby hats will get you noticed so if you pop one on, get ready to hear a lot of compliments…Think J.Lo and you get the message!

Girly, classy, and forever a la mode, the beret is one accessory you can’t go wrong with. Berets look stunning in every color and instantly add an artistic flair to your outfit. A personal favorite, the beret is one topper that never looks out of place. Stylish and sophisticated, the beret is a particularly elegant hat designed for the utterly chic.

This fall, get ready for an influential style infusion. Add enamor to your ensembles with hattitude. Just remember, all you need is a little bit of confidence and after that the hat does the talking for you.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Weheartit, Tumblr

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  1. Very nice writing. This article was great.

  2. I actually have to say....wearing hats does take attitude! Thanks for shinning light on a cute fashion fact :) Great writing too!


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