Casual Sophistication: Trends for This Winter

It’s already November. The leaves are gorgeous hues now: reds, oranges, yellows and browns. These natural neutrals were integrated into fashion designers’ catwalk appearances this fall during the fashion shows around the world: New York City, Paris, London, Milan, you name it.

H&M Women’s Fashion Trends YouTube video revealed that this fall and winter, the latest looks are “easy to wear” and “not overly girly.” Of course we’ve recognized the desire for luscious pink chiffon dresses and skirts before, but not this season. It’s about controlled looks that have “different influences from different decades.” Fashion designers have taken '70s-chic vibes to create their latest collections.

This winter, you can find the “romantic mood” of colors set in, along with sheer-like material - but cover up, ladies. No one needs to see your bra. But this sheer material that is becoming popular allows women to feel equally sexy and luxurious.

Luxury fabrics are a key statement, too. Silks are back and ever so smooth. Faux fur is still in, whether that be a scarf or wrap or vest, you’re good to go.

Outerwear is an obvious essential for winter. Trench coats, parkers, and even capes are this year’s fashions, and of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic peacoat. To warm yourself up when the snow starts to fall with that gushing wind that freezes your limbs and face, grab some cozy knitwear that will surely keep you snug. Scarves and boyfriend cardigans are examples you can include in your wardrobes.

Zigzag patterns with “artisanal [and] patchwork techniques” are also all the rage this winter season. They offer contrast and “bam” effect to a simple outfit that has little design or mixture of colors.

This winter, designers are focusing on “comfy, soft, and warm” desirable clothing. It’s only natural that we’re drawn to material that makes us feel comfortable and incredibly stylish at the same time.

By: Laura Good | Images: Source

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