The College Girl's Guide to Going Out Makeup

Friday night is probably every college girl's favorite night: it's the first night of the week most of us don't have to worry about waking up for class the next morning! This makes Friday the perfect day to go to a party or to have a girl's night out. For these types of weekend activities, I usually like to wear slightly more makeup than I would during the daytime. Redoing my whole face can be fun, but most of the time I'm in a time crunch before heading out the door on the weekend. Here are a few ways to amp up your day time makeup without taking time to redo your whole face. You can mix and match, or go for one for an extra-special look (note: I DO not recommend doing all of these tips at once!)

Bright Lipstick
This is probably the easiest because all you have to do is swipe and go. Dot on a layer of fuchsia or bright coral lipstick, and you've instantly transformed your look from day to night.

Dark or Colorful Shadow
Eye shadow is another one of those products that can totally transform your look that doesn't necessarily have to take a long time to perfect technique. I like taking a charcoal gray shade on a fluffy blending brush and slap it on my eyelids for a really quick smoky eye. The trick to that look is blend really well by making sure the eye shadow is even over your lid and that there are no harsh edges, but there's no real technique to master.

Another way to use eye shadow to transform your look could be to pop a bright color like purple or green on your lower lash line. This is a great way to wean yourself onto using more daring shades without fully committing to color. Just take a skinnier eye shadow brush or a sponge applicator and trace the color gently along your lower lash line. This you don't have to blend as well, because it's supposed to look like a line. If I wore brown eye shadow during the day, I'll just run some purple on underneath my lashes to instantly glam my look without trying too hard.

False Eye Lashes
This is for you beauty mavens out there! False lashes make your eyes look stunning and add instant drama. Most packages come with directions that you can follow for the application. If you're new to false lashes, try demi-lashes, which are literally half-strips of lashes that you can place on the outer corners of your eyes to give them some added volume. I recommend applying any eyeliner and mascara you may want to wear after the false lashes have dried. That way the fake lashes blend into your real lashes better and look more cohesive with your overall look.

Bright Blush
Blush is great because it can be totally natural for daytime, but revved up for night! With an other-wise natural makeup look, a bright coral, pink, or even orange blush on the cheeks can look on-trend for night. Just because you're using a bright blush doesn't mean you'll look like a clown! As long as the rest of your makeup is neutral, the blush will look gorgeous. I also like to take a powder brush with a little face powder on it to blend out the edges of the blush to create a more seamless look.

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