"Breaking Dawn Part 1": Why the Obsession?

(Cue screaming fan girls.) OK OK, so we all know the story. Edward Cullen and Isabella (“Bella”) Swan, vampire meets human. They fall in love, but we can’t forget Jacob Black, a werewolf, who also loves Bella: the ultimate love triangle. And there happens to be other vampires that attempt to kill Bella, and a group of superior vampires, the Volturi, who are waiting for Bella to be turned into a vampire at the moment. Cut scene.

That wasn’t the best summary of "Twilight," "New Moon," and "Eclipse," but seriously, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the storyline and plot. [And you can always Google it.]

There are diehard fans who would faint at the presence of Robert Pattinson (Edward) or Taylor Lautner (Jacob) (or maybe you’re rebellious and loving one of Edward’s brothers or Taylor’s werewolf pack). And there are the anti-Twilight saga people who think this book series is insanity.

My communication theory professor introduced today’s assigned reading with "Breaking Dawn." “Why are people so obsessed with this story of Edward and Bella?” she asked.

It’s a legitimate question, and we’ve all asked it once or twice. Some think people are just crazy and stupid for enjoying the saga and don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s nothing like the real vampire stories of Dracula. Vampires can’t go out in daylight. They don’t have superpowers like hearing others’ thoughts, seeing into the future or playing mind tricks. And they most certainly do not sparkle.

So why the craze?

Our professor’s explanation (which dealt with our chapter reading) made sense. Ultimately, we are story-telling beings. In other words, we enjoy stories and listening to them. As humans, we’re drawn into stories that we hear or tell. It’s only natural.

Bella is portrayed as an average, ordinary girl. She isn’t athletic; rather she is sort of clumsy and awkward. A typical teenager you could say. Then Edward comes along and becomes someone we all want (and maybe need).

Don’t say this isn’t the truth. We all want someone who will be our protector and true love, someone who will do anything for us that would rather die than face separation.

It’s madness, but if you think about it, beyond the fan girls and blares of screams that are incessant, there lies a truth to all of it.

By: Laura Good | Images: Source, Weheartit

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