Quick Halloween-Inspired Manicures

October 31st is right around the corner (aka tomorrow) and it's time to get into the Halloween spirit! Why not try spooking up your tips with cute colors and patterns? Get ghoulish with three fun (and super easy!) Halloween-themed manicures perfect for on and off campus.

Manicure #1: Polka Dot Pretty
All you need for this chic manicure is a bottle of orange nail polish and a bottle of black nail polish. Start off with prepping your nails by soaking them in warm water. Paint your nails with the black nail polish and set to dry. Use a steady hand to paint polka dots on each of your nails with orange nail polish. Once all your nails are complete your orange-and-black dotted nails will look truly “spook-tacular!"

Manicure #2: Glittery Girl
Glamorize your nails this Halloween with a bottle of black nail polish and nail jewels (available at drugstores). You know the drill: soak your tips in warm water to prepare your nail beds for painting. Then paint your nails using a thin coat of the black nail polish. To add the finishing touch, stick on nail jewels to your manicure. The little bit of glitter will add a festive and sparkly touch.

Manicure #3: Orange & Black Beauty
Why not doll up your nails by trying a French manicure with a twist! All you need is a bottle of black nail polish, a bottle of orange nail polish and a glittery topcoat. After prepping, paint your nails with the black polish and set to dry. The second step requires patience, so take your time. Use a steady hand to paint the tip of your nail (just like a French manicure) with the orange polish. Finish off the manicure by painting over your nails with a glittery topcoat and you will be set to shine all Halloween long!

Happy Halloween!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Source, Weheartit

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  1. I like idea #3! I love doing cool nail designs so this whole post is really interesting me. Keep up the great work College Gloss, u rock!!!!!!

  2. Hey there,

    Im loving this write up. I really want to try all of these ideas out, honestly I am a nail art junkie and so the more tutorials and lessons I can accumulate the more fun I have when I break out the polish bottles. Really, really impressive ideas here. I want more nail polish articles!!!!!!!


  3. Another great article. Keep up the great writing, and happy halloween :)

  4. I'm loving this article. Honestly, nothing beats a bottle of black and orange nail polish and Halloween. Tomorrow night I'm hanging w/ bffs, chowing down candy and painting my nails with these manicures!

  5. Love it. Halloween is epic, why oh why is it not a year round thing? I want it every day! :)


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