10 Closet Staples Perfect for Layering

The October issue of “Lucky” is brilliant. Not because its pages are full of the latest and trendiest clothes that are fun to look at but completely unattainable due to my paltry student income, but because the issue provides page after page of helpful closet staple pieces that are smart, affordable investments.

The beautiful thing about staple items is that they can be layered, which essentially creates a different outfit every day of the week.

My favorite part of this issue of “Lucky” is a reader’s question about how to re-wear clothes. Basically, how much is too much to re-wear the same outfit? The answer excited me because it wasn’t what I would expect from a fashion magazine. Simply put – wear what you know looks good on you, regardless of when you last wore it. I also take this answer to mean that you can switch up your everyday look by incorporating different staple pieces: a scarf, a cardigan, an embellished tank, a unique sweater, etc. The list could go on and on.

Stock Up on These 10 Closet Staples for Fall:

1. Tank tops/camisoles in solid colors (and of course white and black!)
2. Comfortable, well-fitting jeans (skinny and boot-cut or wider leg)
3. Cardigans (in neutral shades)
4. Striped sweater(s) (stripes are a classic pattern that never go out of style)
5. A sturdy, warm jacket
6. A classic button-down shirt (solid and striped)
7. A blazer (black, navy, neutral)
8. Tights
9. A roomy leather bag that goes with everything (choose a neutral shade)
10. Classic accessories (watch, stud earrings, simple hoops, plain bangles)

What are your favorite go-to pieces to layer in your wardrobe?

By: Anna Harms | Images: Weheartit, Pinterest, Polyvore, Polyvore, Polyvore

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