Fun in Boston: Haymarket

This past weekend I went to Boston and discovered something really cool during my trip: Haymarket.

What Is It?

Haymarket is a weekly produce market held in Boston that dates back to the 1830s. The market is held every Friday through Saturday from dusk 'til dawn. During these hours, many students and locals visit, seeking the best deals on produce: 10 plums for $2.00 or a pound of strawberries for $1.00. It truly is a great place to check out!

Where Is It?

Haymarket is located between Blackstone Street and North Street. It can also be easily accessed by the T. The Haymarket stop can be found on both the Orange and Green lines.

Know Before You Go:

The venue is packed with merchants and tons of deals, but one thing to keep in mind is that Haymarket is not a farmers market. This being the case, the produce is not the freshest, so try not to stock up for a week. Although the produce is fine and delicious, it is the type of produce found in grocery stores and is stored in a warehouse before being sold. It's best to buy only what you plan on consuming in the next few days.

Not only is produce sold, but fish and oysters populate the market. There is a raw oyster bar there, which I tried for the first time. They are a dollar each and, with a squirt of lemon and a dash of hot sauce, are very good.

What to Bring:

-Low dollar bills. The vendors move fast and it will inconvenience them if you pay with a $20 bill for a $1 purchase.

-A camera. The market is packed with people, so between all the colorful stands and the diverse amount of people, there are tons of photo opportunities.

The Haymarket's atmosphere alone can be very entertaining. The vendors are very enthusiastic and vocal about what they are selling. You can hear people screaming “5 for a dollar!” and “1 dollar a bag!” pulling your attention in. Overall it’s a great cultural experience and a great bargain!

By: Brooke Stuart | Image: Eric Borzino

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