Why You Should Get Involved on Campus

As the heat is dying down, the breezes are picking up, and the suns rays are becoming softer as the days progress into autumn, we’re back to school! Freshman are anxious and giggly, awaiting to experience their first year at college, while the upperclassmen are eager to see friends and move back onto campus. Welcome back to the college life!

College student activity boards and student life committees encourage everyone to participate in something each semester. Whether it be a recreational sport, club, or study group, it’s engaging and allows everyone to connect and make new friendships and relationships.

Some may glance past this suggestion, because they’re too focused on our studies, while others may immediately jump in at the opportunities, and the rest may sparely participate here and there. Whichever option you choose is up to you, and no one is going to force you to do otherwise. But, we hope you do choose to do at least one thing, because it’ll help you in so many ways.

Not only will you do something you like during your free time, but you’ll meet more people on campus (maybe even a cute guy you’ve been eyeing!), but in addition, they are great resume add-on’s and make you feel good at the end of the day. Yeah, you might be tired after a long day of classes and lectures, but a little refreshing activity never hurt anyone.

An adrenaline rush and good time full of laughs might be just what you need to jumps start that annoying essay assigned by your English teacher, or conquer all the tasks you need to get done, like that big pile of laundry and dishes you never got to last week.

You could even help out at a local food bank or donation center, care for children at a church or daycare, walk dogs at an animal inn, or tutor younger kids (or fellow classmates).

Enjoy these moments and experiences; they don’t last forever. Maybe you’ll learn more about yourself and figure things out that seemed unclear before. The year is full of surprises.

By: Laura Good | Image: Source

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