Two Apps That Will Make College Easier

If you're in college, you know that feeling of being overwhelmed. You have thousands of things to do. Jobs, internships, homework, projects; it’s enough to make you begin to lose it. Soon you're up all night, drinking coffee, wishing you had a system to help make things easier.

Well, here are two apps that help you say goodbye to messy procrastination and hello to organization:

Focus: "Self Control"
Yes, you need to have some miracle to complete that paper or get that book read on time, but aren't you just dying to read that article about how to wear those boots? Or Facebook until you know too much about that person you only just met?

The app “Self Control” is free and blocks access to websites of your choice and email for up to 90 minutes. Your browser will block the address and you can get some workcompleted! The good thing is that even though you block certain websites, you can still access anything else as long as you didn’t put it in the “blacklist.”

One downside to this app, is that even if you delete, restart or shutdown your computer the timer will still go until the time given runs out. Still, I highly recommend this app. It really helps you focus on the work that you need to get done.

Organization: “iProcrastinate”
Now that you won’t be distracted with Facebook and Twitter it’s time to actually lay out what you need to do. In such an electronic age, it seems sometimes easier to just find a program that can help. The app that made juggling all of my classes easier is “iProcrastinate.”This app can be downloaded on your iPhone and they are in the process of making it for PC too.

Their motto is “Get your #@! % together. Finally.” And they mean it. This app is free and probably the best organization tool. The first step is to type in a list of all your classes on the left side. Then you click on each of them and then add in due dates of projects, homework and anything else. You can also mark an item a priority, in progress, or complete. Each item or subject is color-coded, making it easy to distinguish.

One feature that is really useful, is the ability to attach your document to the item that’s due. This makes research papers easy to pull up. You can also break it down into sections. So if you have a research paper that needs to have a first draft, annotated bibliography and literary review, you have that written down too. The other feature that I find useful is a blog post reminder. You can set a reminder to go off every week telling you to work on your post. 

With both of these apps, you are in good shape to become a well-organized, focused student, leaving you with more free time.

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