Guy Talk: Good Morning Texts and Maintaining Your Relationship

There is no denying it, every girl enjoys the sweet good morning and good night text from her special guy. A girl will appreciate knowing that she is the first person he thinks about in the morning and the last person he thinks about before he goes to sleep at night.

But is the good morning text necessary? Of course not. Just because a guy does not text his female counterpart every morning or every evening does not mean that he is not thinking of her. Life is busy and I want to personally congratulate every couple that has time to talk or spend time with each other everyday.

There is however, a clause to the good morning text. If a man decides to text his girl every morning, he can not abruptly stop without consequences. Once a girl has gotten used to her charming text when she opens her eyes in the moring, her man must keep them coming. A day or two off is fine, but longer than that and a man should start to notice that his sweet lady may not be as sweet as usual. Girls like consistency!

Let's be honest, the good morning text will become predictible. Just like any other long-term reationship it takes work to keep things fresh and new. I remember at one point my guy would send the absolute mushiest good morning texts he could think of to make me laugh. I think my favorite was "good morning chipmunk cheeks." It doesn't matter how you do it, she will always appreciate it.

Ladies, as much as you enjoy your loveable messages in the morings, remember not to be rude. If your man was kind enough to say that he was thinking of you when he woke up, you could respond in the same way. It is even thoughtful for you to send him the good morning text. Chilvary is not dead on your part either! Men appreciate being thought about just as much as women do.

Just remember that even though the two of you may be apart there are still ways that you can connect to say you are thinking of each other. With school and jobs life becomes hectic very quickly. Taking the time to send a caring good morning or good night text will always score major points in the relationship.

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  1. You have god ideas.What you said is typically true.Thank you.

  2. Very good!(: I am a girl and if there is a girl who wants a good goodnight text to tell your man here is one. Goodnight baby wish I was there to hold you tight hope you have sweetdreams I know I will because I will be dreaming of you. I love you ____ <3

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  4. Ok so I need some help! I have a man who send me a text every morning, and every night with a good morning, and and good night... Which I think is super sweet, and I always respond the same way. However, me and this guy were together for 6 months, with some ups and downs as he constantly pushes me away because he tells me he is scared of getting hurt and committing.
    And he just wants to be friends. But im sorry I don’t think friends should text every morning and every night? So I feel like he is leading me on...(as I am really falling for this guy..but i get so frustrated when he pushes me away)
    Thoughts on how to handle this?

  5. Really?!! A love spell. Such foolishness. Sounds like a scam!!
    If your ex left you, Move on and have some self respect!

  6. what if a man text to his friend a girl saying hi and asking her how are you and hoping that her fine and well and saying take care always what that does mean? is he in love with his friend but it cant be because he is currently in a relationship status.