Feel Good Mondays: Flaunt Your Flaws

 No matter how much we may smile, shrug, or pretend we aren't bothered, there is something about each and every one of us that we don't like. Maybe you don't like the shape of your nose, the size of your thighs, or the curls in your hair.

No one is perfect and sometimes women let the media influence them into thinking that they are not good enough. Models, actresses, singers, and superstars make headlines everyday about weight gain and weight loss, cellulite, nose jobs, and butt implants. Why is the world so obsessed with appearance?

Instead of covering up your flaws, try to embrace them. Things that make you stand out from everyone else make you special. Beyonce will always have thick thighs. Instead of covering them up, she flaunts them in cut off shorts and short dresses. Beyonce uses her flaws to her advantage and you can too. Everyone needs self-confidence but people forget that it comes from within. Self-confidence starts with self, you can't look and listen to someone else to build up your own confidence.

Sometimes making fun of your flaws can help you get over them. If you are tired of your bird-like nose, go to the costume store and strap on a beak for the rest of the day. It is amazing how theraputic laughter can be.

Remember that your flaws help define you as an individual. Dare to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a statement for yourself. No one can do you better than you can. The things that are different about you are things that people learn to appreciate and value about you. There are enough Heidi Montag's in the world, I want to see more flawlessly flawed indviduals.

By: Olivia Lewis | Image: Source

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